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Polywood Shutters
Polywood® shutters are the best-selling shutters in Oklahoma City – and are 100% built and assembled in the U.S. And they're more than just good-looking. They last far longer than traditional wood shutters and insulate up to 70% more than wood shutters. This means substantial energy savings for your home – in addition to enhancing the beauty and function of your windows.
The large plantation shutter louvers bring in light to brighten up your room. You can tilt the louvers upward to block some – or all –of the light just as swiftly. Whether you like your shutters open or closed, Polywood adds both style and value to your home. Its contemporary design enhances any décor. And when custom designed to fit flawlessly in your windows, Polywood shutters are a functional masterpiece.

The Polywood Shutters Difference

Manufactured from a solid-engineered wood substitute, Polywood is a premium shutter that won’t crack or chip no matter what. In fact, it’s so long-lasting, Polywood will never split or warp. And the premium white paint colors will never fade or change, so you can expose these shutters to as much sun as Oklahoma City gets. That’s because the paint finish is baked on with UV stabilizers.
In addition, Polywood shutters not only take on sun exposure, they also block up to 30° of air flow. They result in a 45% reduction in heat transfer, too. That directly affords you savings on your heating and cooling payments. Learn more about energy savings here.

Polywood Shutters In A Oklahoma City Bedroom

Polywood Shutters Warranty

Polywood shutters are built to last many decades. They have a lifetime warranty covering any defects in paint finish, installation, or materials. The warranty is backed by our 40+ years in the business. To find out what the warranty does and doesn’t cover, see our official Polywood Shutters Warranty Doc.

Polywood Shutters Details


SmoothWood Grain


White Polywood PaintOff White Polywood PaintBright White Polywood Paint

Tilt Rod

Traditional Front Mount

Hidden Tilt Rods

Frame Styles

L Frame

Z Frame

Decorative Frame

Craftsman Frame

Louver Sizes

4.5” (for maximum view and minimum cleaning)

3.5” (traditional plantation size)

2.5” (smaller style)

Special Shapes




French Door


All Polywood plantation shutters are wholly U.S.-built and assembled.

Shutters made in the U.S.A.
Our professional designers are ready to custom manufacture and install Polywood shutters in Oklahoma City to fit your windows flawlessly. Schedule a free in-home consultation today by calling 405-300-4664 or filling out the form below!
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