The Difference Between Interior and Exterior Shutters: Rundown for Oklahoma City Homeowners

Tyler Jorgensen

Oklahoma City OK interior and exterior shutters

Shutters work almost anywhere – in any Oklahoma City house, in any room, on any window shape, and even outside. And that may be where a few homeowners have questions.

Interior and exterior shutters are completely different products, and if you’re flying blind, you can spend a lot of time or money shopping around for something you don’t need. Here’s what you need to know.

Exterior Shutters

Upfront, we need to state that Sunburst Shutters Oklahoma City does not build or sell exterior home shutters. Instead, we specialize in stylish interior shutters for your home.

Outdoor shutters tend to serve one of two purposes: either they’re only for decoration as an accent to your windows, or they’re reinforced “hurricane shutters,” designed to guard your windows from heavy damage during harsh weather.

Decorative exterior shutters typically look great on very particular home styles, such as more rustic homes as well as Mediterranean houses. Hurricane shutters are fairly rare barring a few parts of the U.S., and many types don’t even look like normal shutters, and instead look like large aluminum sheets.

Outdoor shutters in Mediterranean home.

As for those outdoor shutters that do open and shut on your window, there usually isn’t much functionality to them. They aren’t able to make a seal to block heat and their louvers (if they exist) usually can’t be adjusted. Despite all that, exterior shutters can add a much-needed color accent to your home.

You might need exterior shutters if:

  • You get heavy storms in your area and want to protect your windows.

  • You want to add a splash of color to the outside of your house.

  • You have adequate space around your windows for the shutters to fit.

Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are our area of expertise, and they’re the optimum window covering in combining looks and functionality. Installed directly in or above your window jamb, interior shutters become a piece of your home the moment they’re put in. And unlike exterior shutters, interior shutters are able to go on any window, in any room of your house.

The fashion that premier interior shutters bring your space is unrivaled, and they’re incredibly multifaceted. Indoor shutters can serve as an amazing accent to any style of home; from historic Cape Cod homes to chic houses, and have an array of colors, finishes, and frame options to fit your personal style.

Interior shutters in Oklahoma City bedroom.
On the practical side, plantation shutters may be the most effective window covering. Polywood plantation shutters in Oklahoma City are able to block heat more effectively than any other window treatment available, making sure your house is as comfortable as possible. The adjustable louvers on a set of plantation shutters also give you a full spectrum of lighting options, unlike shades or draperies.

Think about interior shutters if:

  • You need to be able to control your lighting, inside temperature, and energy-efficiency.

  • You need a versatile, long-lasting window treatment.

  • You want to add some elegance your home, and color match your existing inside trim.

Sunburst is Your Interior Shutter Expert

Chances are, if you’re wanting the value, looks, and lastingness of shutters, you want interior plantation shutters. Sunburst can help. Give us a call at 405-300-4664 today and schedule your free in-home walkthrough of what shutters can do for your space.