The Best Window Treatments For Your Garage In Oklahoma City

Tyler Jorgensen

As homeowners in Oklahoma City begin to install window treatments in their windows, many folks will neglect the garage. After all, you generally only use the garage when you use your car, and then you may be running late to work or carrying groceries into the house. But if you have a garage-based workshop or gym, you understand that sunlight can bounce off of dust, exhaust, and wood shavings. You also might want something up to obstruct prying eyes from figuring if you’re home or not.

Selecting a window covering for the garage in Oklahoma City can be tricky. There’s a delicate balancing act between appearance, durability, and functionality. The treatments should work with the rest of your house while still being easy to use, even when the windows are located in an awkward spot. Ultimately, your window coverings should make it easy to wipe grime or gunk away.  

So with these details in hand, what are the best window coverings for your garage in Oklahoma City?

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters Work Best In The Garage

Square Windows in a Oklahoma City Garage with Polywood Shutters 

Faux wood plantation shutters check off all your garage’s demands, making shutters the ideal garage window coverings. While remaining practical, shutters boost your home’s curb appeal. You open and close the shutters via a center tilt rod, which works much better than fooling with cords in a dark and possibly tight space. Shutters even give some energy efficiency to a room that experiences the greatest amount of heat loss.

Faux wood plantation shutters are also easy to keep clean. All the muck that comes into the garage can collect on your shutters.  But, you can take a damp cloth and lightly scrub your faux wood plantation shutters and they should always come clean. A quality faux wood, like Polywood, also means that your shutters won’t chip, crack, warp or split -- especially if your garage is damp or unheated.

What Window Coverings Should You Avoid For Your Garage In Oklahoma City?

While plantation shutters hold up nicely to your garage’s dusty and dank climate, you may be considering buying a cheaper product. Unfortunately, that might not be the most prudent choice, even for a dirty room.

For instance, don’t get anything that makes use of cloth. Cloth coverings, like curtains or Roman shades, will take in all the smells and smoke from your car’s exhaust.  After a short time, the curtain or shade will begin to look old and worn out. You can swap out the gross treatments with fresh treatments, but the switch will just start again.

Vinyl blinds may also seem practical, as they are cheap and ready to install. But vinyl blinds don’t withstand your garage’s humidity and temperature obstacles. Just like cloth curtains, the cords on vinyl blinds can immediately soak up excess moisture and become dilapidated.  Garage heat and humidity might even disintegrate the vinyl slats! After a while those vinyl blinds can lose slats or become permanently slanted to one side. And while your other rooms looks catalog ready, your garage looks like a mess.  

Sunburst Can Help You Dress Your Garage With Polywood Shutters

Let Sunburst help you get the ideal window treatments for your garage windows by showing you our line of Polywood plantation shutters. We will demonstrate to you how easy these treatments are to operate and clean, and how they improve your garage’s curb appeal. Call 405-300-4664 now or fill out the form below for your in-home consultation.